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Dr. Francois Bolduc  completed his medical school in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. He moved to Montreal to study pediatrics at Hopital Ste Justine (Universite de Montreal) and then pediatric neurology at McGill University’s Montreal Children Hospital.
He obtained his PhD from   Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA  in Drosophila   genetics.   Dr Bolduc is a clinician-scientist in pediatric neuroscience and pursues his work on   Drosophila memory at the University of Alberta.

Mr. Cory Rosenfelt completed his B.Sc. in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge.  After graduation, he was employed at the Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience in Lethbridge where he studied spatial learning and memory.  Cory has joined the laboratory in 2008. He is a great athlete excelling at basketball, soccer and hiking.


Ms. Alaura Androschuk is a graduate student in the laboratory

Mr. Clement Wong is Clinical Research Coordinator in the laboratory

Mr. Richard He is undergraduate student in the laboratory

Ms. Sarah McAvena is undergraduate student in the laboratory

Mr. Nicholas Raun is undergraduate student in the laboratory

Mr. Logan Brand is research assistant in the laboratory

   Ms. Susan Van Nispen is our administrative assistant for the laboratory. 


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